Friday, December 20, 2013

Episode 110 - Oh Where Oh Where Is 5D?

It's The Atomic Fallout Society, same Atomic time, same Atomic channel! 5D, Chris Lilagan, is out of town on holiday vacation leaving Brian and Dave to man the ship. Will they survive?! Who's kidding who? But don't worry, Dave's got one trick up his sleeve, or actually it's one man. The Captain returns! First, though, the boys have some reviews to do... Brian kicks things off with The Illegitimates #1 from IDW Press and SNL star Taran Killam. Let's just say Brian doesn't quite dig this #1 issue, and we find out more about Brian than we ever wanted to know... Dave brings in this week's big guns in Harley Quinn #1. The anticipated title from DC Comics about everyone's favorite crazy, clown loving, mallet wielding sociopath hit the shelves this past week from the creative team of Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti. Dave's apparent dream girl storms the DC 52 Universe in her own title. Will it please the masses? Can Harley's shorts get any shorter?

In the 2nd half of the show, the bat signal is set off as the show can't seem to function without two Filipinos on board. So Tony, The Captain, returns. Did he return out of time after being shot by time bullets? Needless to say, he brings in a special Speculator's Corner in with TOP 5 Things to Get Your Comic Book Loving Geek... The boys throw a little debate towards the end by looking at another Top 10 list that begs the question: "What are the Top 10 DC story lines that should be turned into a film?"


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Friday, December 13, 2013

Episode 109 Fallout Society (cue epic music)... Now that we got that started, lets cut to the chase! The boys continue bringing you the latest in comics and glory. Brian kicks things off with Dead Body Road #1. An image comic one part Punisher, one part Noir Film, all glorious revenge tale. Justin Jordon on writing duties and Matteo Scalera bring us another tale from Image Comics. Does it live up to Brian's standards? CTB brings us a little known comic from Marvel Comics, Nova #11. Will CTB earn his stripes and show that Marvel in Space is far better than Marvel on Earth? David bats cleanup and brings the anticipated Justice League #25. Why is it anticipated? It's the origin of Owlman from the Crime Syndicate, The Darkest Knight. With some twists and surprises will this Forever Evil tie-in keep the evil train rolling or is Forever Evil coming off the tracks?

The 2nd half of the show, the boys react to the announcement of Jeff Lemire's finishing the Animal Man title next year in March with Animal Man #29. They look back at the critically acclaimed run that Lemire pulled off with one of DC lesser known heroes. Afterwards, the question of the day is asked, if you had the chance, what lesser known superhero would you write for and bring back from the comic book shadows?

It's THE Atomic Fallout Society, 9 out 10 dentist agree listen and get your geek on!

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Friday, December 6, 2013

Episode 108 - The Boys Are Back

After an extended hiatus, Atomic Fallout Society IS BACK! Brian, Chris, and Dave return in a new recording location, maybe future Abnormal Studios, and bring the hate and confusion. Three weeks have passed, and the boys waste no time but jump right into the deep end. Brian brings in Hinterkind #3 from Vertigo Press. Brian brought the 1st issue of Hinterkind awhile back, but does the title continue to roll, or does it stop dead on the train tracks? Written by Ian Edginton with art by Francesco Trifogli, a lot of comic trolls have accused this title of being Saga light, but what does The Beard of Steel say? Up next is Fluffer, aka Chris, as he brings the swan song of Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato from the Flash title, Flash Zero Year. Does this Zero Year tie-in to the team justice? Well in the end of everything Chris gained the title of C.T.B., want to know what that stands for? Up last is Dave bringing us another swan song to the DC writers pool. Geoff Johns' run in Aquaman comes to a climactic end in Aquaman #25. Did Johns fulfill his goal of bringing another low level superhero up a notch? Or did Dave find some holes in the ship that was Aquaman?

Rounding up the last half of the show, it's Chris' 2nd chance of redemption at claiming the industry news segment of the show. The boys discuss what's been missed the last three weeks and finish up with thoughts on the latest casting choices for the next round of Superheroes and Super heroines.


(On a side note, Atomic Fallout Society is lookin' for a new theme song. If you feel you got some Atomic talent hit the boys up on their facebook site and message 'em for more info.)

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